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Maximum comfort conditions

The Amber Plaza Hall is a platform where all conditions are created for the effective holding of corporate, cultural and socio-political events.

We rent a hall for organizing conferences, presentations, meetings, forums, congresses, seminars and trainings   with the involvement of a large audience.

The total cost of the conference package depends on the date of the event and the number of participants. To order a conference room, or if you have any questions, please contact our manager by phone:+7 (925) 215-79-95or write to 

Also, you can doOnline Orderconferences on our website. 


The hall can accommodate 1200 people. It is possible to increase the number of seats up to 1500, due to conference halls N1, N-2 and E-2

In the area with a high ceiling, you can line up 20 rows with 44 chairs in each. The maximum number of seats in this part of the hall is 850, taking into account the aisles and columns

In the area where the ceiling drop can accommodate 350 people

From the stage to the large columns, the stalls are lined up with 500 seats.

From the right large column to the entrance to the hall, 300-350 people can be seated.

Meeting room E-2 accommodates 50 people

50 people can be accommodated in conference room N-2

60 people are accommodated in conference room N-1

Conference halls N-1 and N-2 are transformed into one space (due to sliding partitions between them), in which you can hold a mini-conference for up to 130 people


Rooms W-1, W-2 and W-3 can be used for negotiations or briefings, as well as headquarters, small storage rooms or dressing rooms. Each room can accommodate up to 20 people

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On the site in front of the entrance to the hall, a registration area for participants is usually organized. There are special metal constructions-trusses for the banners of the organizers.

Furniture provided: 

  • Chairs ISO chrome-plated with upholstered seat and back in blue. There are 1000 of them in stock. It is possible to order additional chairs.

  • Tables square 75x75 cm. Quantity 15 pcs.

  • Sofas in white color (leather-replacement) in a quantity of 3 pcs. complete with 3 armchairs.

  • Tribune

  • Flipcharts - 3 pieces 


From the technical equipment for the conference are provided: 

  • Stage 8x4 meters (h-80 or 60 cm) with 2 stairs

  • Podiums 2x1.5m h-50 - 3 pcs. (covered with blue carpet)

  • 3 large projection screens 3x4 m with SANYO projectors. Connecting the screens via VGA output or HDMA wire to the computers or video equipment of the organizers is located in a hatch in the wall under the central screen.     

  • Audio equipment: speakerphones, Sennheiser radio microphones - 2 pcs., Lavalier radio microphones 2 pcs 

  • Provided for presentationsprofessional lighting equipment, hung on 12-meter trusses (between large columns and behind the stage) and around the perimeter of the entire hall


Sound equipment for concerts is provided by the organizers. We guarantee its complete and secure connection.


Instead of the central screen, the organizers can put up a large banner, which is mounted on a 12-meter truss and lowered to the floor. The ideal banner size is 8m. in length at  5.8m. in height (lower 60-80 cm can not be printed, since this part of the banner goes under the stage, it is also not recommended to place logos and important text at the top of the banner, because at a distance of 1 m from the farm, the banner is blocked by lighting devices)

Connection to the Internet is carried out using fiber-optic communication systems over twisted pair.

For this purpose, RJ45 LAN sockets are installed in the hatches in the floor. The total number of hatches is 21.

If necessary, and if the customer has the equipment, it is possible to use the indicated sockets for transmitting a video signal from transmitting cameras.

It is also possible to connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi technology.

Internet traffic is provided additionally by GARS-TELECOM. We recommend ordering Internet traffic, as well as additional Internet connection points and equipment in advance (at least 3 working days before the event)

To organize coffee breaks and lunches, you can contact the Amber Plaza Banquet Service, or involve third-party catering.

Power points can be located in free zones in the main hall, for example, during a conference for 500-800 people - ceiling drop zone. Or you can use halls N-1 and N-2, as well as arrange meals on the 1st floor in the lobby.


В нашем звле также проводятся мероприятия в комбинированном формате, когда совмещается конференция с банкетом_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_or buffet

Using partitions (white, 2m high. 1.35 and 1.5m wide, and 7 cm thick), the hall is divided throughout_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b 136bad5cf58d_length or width.

Для соблюдения тишины во время проведения конференции, банкетные столы накрываются заранее, до начала, а блюда сервируются по окончании деловой parts.

Coffee breaks are served in dedicated zone, or in the lobby on the 1st floor. Для кофе-брейков выставляются фуршетные линии и коктейльные столы 75см. diameter.

If the time schedule of the event allows you to pause between the conference and the banquet, we will quickly assemble the stalls and remove the partitions. You can also rearrange the arrangement of banquet tables for greater comfort for guests. Reinstallation takes 15 to 30 minutes.

There is one projection screen 3x4 m in the conference area. We also provide a podium for speakers.

The large stage and all lighting equipment remain in the banquet area. 


Coffee break



Width 1.5 m. - 10pcs.

Width 1.35m - 20pcs.

Thickness - 7 cm

324 places

30 tables for 11 persons

The conference

and banquet

330 persons

STAGE 8x4 m.

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