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Large transforming hall for limitless ideas

Amber Plaza Hall is a multifunctional, modern venue with an area of 1800 sq. m. for large events: banquets, receptions, presentations, conferences, exhibitions, fashion shows, concerts, weddings and other important events


The hall is located in the center of Moscow, in the Tverskoy district at the address: st. Krasnoproletarskaya 36, a three-minute walk from the Novoslobodskaya metro station, and 500 meters from the Garden Ring


The white interior, thoughtful geometry, the functionality of the hall open up endless possibilities for creative imagination. 

The site can be used as an exhibition center, conference hall, banquet hall. You can also hold an event in a combined format, such as a conference-banquet, dividing the space into zones.  


Hall capacity:

  • Organization of the exhibition - 1600 sq. m area, with a capacity of 2000 people

  • Banquet, with the possibility of seating up to 1000 people

  • Buffet up to 1500 people

  • Parterre for a conference, presentation or concert for 1500 people


The Amber Plaza hall is leased by the owner, the BWO subsidiary "Lithnium Investments Limited".

Event organizers are provided with all the areas of the hall for a day, as well as additional time for the timely installation and dismantling of imported equipment, a guarded service entrance from the side of 1st Shchemilovsky Lane , load capacity 1250 kg.

Services, including security, parking, cleaning of the hall, wardrobe, ventilation and air conditioning systems of the hall, electricity and water supply are provided by Amber Plaza Service and Management LLC

The banquet service of the hall organizes food and service

Professional technical equipment for show programs is also provided.


The cost of renting the hall depends on the number of guests, as well as the date of the event.


We invite event-agencies and exhibition companies to cooperate

You can book a hall and find out the rental price by phone: +7 (495) 780-58-36 


Over the years of work, the hall has earned numerous thanks from customers, and has established itself as a reliable partner in organizing, holding and servicing events.


Create a real event!

Amazing setting, beautifully decorated tables, delicious food and a professional team.

The holiday begins!

Gather great people in a great place. Sparks of champagne and pleasant music. Easy communication is more effective. 

All the advantages of a modern business platform are for your take-off.

The conference hall is equipped with modern presentation, sound and multimedia equipment.

Convenient location. Great opportunities.

All the exhibitions held in our hall enjoyed incredible popularity and success.


Separate entrance from the street. Krasnoproletarskaya. 

The hall areas are located on two floors.

The first floor is a spacious foyer, which transforms into a cloakroom and a welcome cocktail area during events. There are also toilet rooms. 

The second floor is a large hall with a total area of 1600m2

The connecting link between the hall and the entrance from the street is comfortable stairs for the "red carpet". 

The landing in front of the entrance to the hall on the second floor can be used as a guest registration area or a photo area. To install advertising banners or a press wall, event organizers are provided with metal structures (trusses), sized 488x208 cm, 640x208 cm, and 68x208 cm, 208 cm high. 

The entrance to the SHOWROOM is through 3 double doors, size 1.51x2.14m. 

The main, EXHIBITION, part of the hall, with an area of 1059 sq. m., is a white rectangle measuring 36X29.3 m. 

The space can be conditionally divided into two parts - the main part with an area of 792 sq.m and a ceiling height of  5.7 m, and a ceiling drop zone with an area of 248.2 sq.m and a ceiling height of 2 .8 m. 

Three CONFERENCE HALLS N-1 - 83 sq.m., N-2 - 76 sq.m., and E-2 - 62 sq.m. adjoin the EXHIBITION HALL. Due to sliding partitions, the hall area can be increased to 1334 sq.m., becoming a single space. 

Also in the hall there are four small CONFERENCE ROOMS  Е-1 - 47 sq.m., W-1 - 35 sq.m.,  W-2 - 29 sq.m. and W-3 - 30 sq.m., which are used as dressing rooms or meeting rooms during events.

The principle of the interior design of the hall is geometricity, simplicity and functionality. 

White walls, combined with a gray granite floor, do not distract attention, and add even more volume.

In the center of the EXHIBITION HALL there are two large columns, 0.9x0.9m in size, the distance between them is 13.5m.

In the zone of the ceiling drop, the hall is divided by 4 small columns - 0.6x0.8m.

Five large stained glass windows measuring 4.44 m. 5.7 m with sliding curtains made of blue thick fabric provide good daylight

The ceiling of the hall is finished with white soundproofing boards 

Seven groups of halogen lamps are built into the ceiling, as well as a ventilation and air conditioning system. The systems are controlled remotely, from a single control panel for the entire building.

Image-1 2.jpg

Hall and foyer layout



35 кв. м.



Схема выставочного зала.png


2nd floor


Professional lighting, sound, stage, screens

The hall is equipped with professional lighting equipment:

  • Spotlight LedPar 64 RGBW - 8 pcs.

  • Head LED Robin 600 LedWash - 8 pcs.

  • Head LED Clay Paky Sharpy - 6 pcs.

  • LED head with interchangeable gobos LedSpot Draco - 2 pcs.

  • Full rotation head Si-152В BEAM 280 (Beam, Spot & Wash) - 6 pcs.

  • DMX splitter - 3 pcs.

  • UV lamp 400 W - 4 pcs.

  • Stroboscope Atomic  3000 W - 2 pcs.

  • Smoke machine VIPER  650 W 

  • Lighting console DMX512 HOG 500  

Light fixtures are hung on two 12-meter suspended trusses. 

Along the perimeter of the hall   under the ceiling, as well as on the territory of the entrance group and the foyer, RGB architectural lighting fixtures are installed, in the amount of 36 pcs.

For the duration of the events, a professional lighting artist is provided.


The stage 8x4 m is assembled from 16 ProlyteDex machines 2x1 m, with legs height of 0.6 or 0.8 m, and 2 stairs, and is covered with blue carpet. A blue skirt is used as the scene's round. 


Three projection screens 3x4 m with stationary Sanyo video projectors, connected to a video splitter with VGA output


For conferences, a sound reinforcement system is provided 

The showroom has:

  • Sound columns d&b audiotechnik 24C-E - 2 pcs.

  • Speakers d&b audiotechnik 8S - 4 pcs.

  • Speakers d&b audiotechnik 5S  - 2 pcs.

  • Subwoofer d&b audiotechnik Bi6-SUB  

  • Digital mixing console YAMAHA 96 v2 16-channels

In halls N1, N2, E2 and in the lobby are installed:

  • Ceiling speakers RCF MQ 50C - W

event organizers are provided with:

  • Mixing console RCF F 6X for 2 microphone inputs + 2 stereo inputs

  • Sennheiser d3 wireless microphone - 3 pcs. with uprights

Additional sound equipment is required for the show program and disco. 

The hall provides for connection of equipment to a three-phase AC network 380 V through industrial connectors 32A, 63A and 2, 125A for each phase.


24-hour guarded parking for 25 cars.

Two automatic barriers at two entrances. One from side of Krasnoproletarskaya street. Another, from 1st Schemilovsky Lane.


The hall is guarded by the company "Global Security", a fully licensed security company with over 10 years of experience in security activities in Russia. 

  • More 30 cameras monitor the space outside and inside the building;

  • Smoke detectors of the fire-fighting system are installed in the hall

  • The automatic fire alarm system includes a fire warning system

  • Access to the building and movement inside the building with the help of magnetic cards is controlled by an access control system.

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