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10 years  "Stroyproekt"

On May 24, 2019, in the hall of Amber Plaza, the Vasiliev Project company organized and held a grandiose anniversary of the Moscow branch of the Stroyproekt Institute (St. Petersburg). There were many bright moments in the program, invented and built by the director, screenwriter and presenter Leonid Vasiliev and his team. The theme of the evening was suggested by the employees of the Moscow branches of KINO. Our life is not a blueprint." Employees of the Moscow branch showed several cool performances on the theme of cinema, the branch and not only ...   Employees of other Stroyproekt departments also pleased with interesting and creative numbers in honor of the Moscow branch. 

Everything was at the highest level: congratulatory toasts, cool performances by employees, a dance program to the Platinum Cover Band and, of course, an enchanting movie-style cake. The decoration   of the hall was also very successful: a film reel of the event, a trinity of a Caucasian prisoner in the welcome zone, a movie clapperboard in honor of the branch's tenth anniversary. 

Come to the Amber Plaza Hall, Book your celebrations with Leonid Vasiliev (VasilievProject)


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