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Prom (Ball) 11th grade 2017 from McGore


Graduation party of the 11th grade is one of the most solemn events in the life of every child. This summer, Graduation Party 2017 at McGore venues was celebrated by 11th graders from public and private schools in Moscow. The graduation party of the 11th grade of 2017 was held in Moscow on the night of June 23-24.
Each Year 11 Prom hosted by McGore featured a competitive entertainment program with professional hosts. Most of the graduates, teachers and parents took part in various competitions and master classes with great pleasure and enthusiasm. Each participant was given the opportunity to prove himself, defend the honor of his school, support his classmates, make new friends and have fun at the same time.

Between competitions and performances of artists, the best DJs of Moscow "blew up" the dance floors of the venues with popular tracks, giving all the guests of the Prom Party the opportunity to dance "till you drop". Everyone who wanted to take a break and gain strength before new entertainments returned to their tables to refresh themselves with excellent banquet dishes and soft drinks, which were prepared for Graduation 11 guests by the chefs of the restaurants of our banquet venues.

The entertainment continued until the morning, and after dawn, all the guests of Graduation 11th grade, leaving the events, made their most secret and unrealizable wishes in order to send them the morning soft blue sky along with colorful balloons. Under the joyful cries of the graduates, the balloons took off into the sky, taking to the morning sun a slight sadness of parting with the school, and the children had an incredible amount of pleasant memories of this colorful Graduation Party that will remain in their memory for a lifetime!


Producer center "McGor"

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